Tips For Getting In And Out Of PHX Fast

Traveling can be a relaxing, fun getaway for some. It can be a hellish nightmare for others. Nothing could ruin your vacation or business plans more than having to spend hours waiting in the airport in line after long line. Here are some ideas to help you make the quickest trip through the airport that you can, by spending as little time as possible waiting in those lines.

To start off right, you definitely want to book your flight online. Save the hassle of waiting at the counter, trying to decide which is the best flight for you, and having to decide everything by listening to what someone else is telling you. You can go online at hundreds of different sites and book your flight, rental car or hotel with just a few clicks. Have it all set up and ready so that when you enter the airport you can just breeze through those lines. If you choose to buy premium tickets, you will find even shorter lines at the airport. You will want to map out your airport if you plan to drive yourself and leave your car. Make sure you know the quickest way in and where you need to park.

Before you even leave the house, check and double check on your flight status. Make sure there are no last minute cancellations or delays that will keep you sitting there hours on end. Though you want to save time and not be standing in lines forever, the chances are that there will be lines. So don’t arrive at the last minute expecting to just waltz through to your plane. You may be surprised by super long lines and end up barely making it on your plane. Before you pay to leave your car in overnight parking or even pay off your taxi or car service ride, recheck again so you will not be stranded sitting in an airport chair for an extremely long time. And, do set up an online account, as most airports will text you status information on your flight if you sign up.

You can really speed up your time by not checking any luggage, not to mention the money you will save, considering there are extra charges now being added for checking bags. If you plan and pack wisely, you can get away with bringing just what you need right on board with you. Remember most hotels provide you with toiletries and essentials, and if you plan a longer stay you can always stop at a store and pick up the few items you will need. The majority of hotels have laundry service, so you can pack less items. If you plan to do major shopping while you are traveling, think about packing up your purchases and shipping them home. They may even arrive before you do! Not only will you save time checking your luggage when you arrive at the airport, but when you get to your destination you will not have to wait for what seems hours just to see if your bag is the next one to come around on the little luggage- go-round. Also be sure to check your airline’s website to make sure your carry-on is the correct dimensions and weight so you will not have to be bothered with extra screening. Use see through plastic bags for easy inspection, and travel friendly laptop cases.

Think about what you are going to wear for your flight. Remember – metal detectors are present in all airports. Not to mention the body scanners. If you really don’t need to wear your jewelry for the flight – don’t. Take off anything that is not necessary so that you won’t have to remove it all before you go through the detectors. Removing shoes is now mandatory in most airports – make sure yours are easy off, easy on. You don’t want to be taking forever to get through the detectors, nor do you want to be holding up the people behind you for what seems an eternity. If you carry a purse or wallet, only have the necessities in it so you can drop your items and shoot through with no problems. Remember to have your ID and boarding pass ready to be easily shown so you do not have to dig through pockets or bags at the last minute to produce such articles. This will speed your trip enormously. If by chance security finds something that they consider inappropriate, don’t try to debate with them whether they should remove it from your possession or not. Chances are you will never win that debate, and it will just hold you up longer.

If children are traveling with you, be sure you have all their hand held games, cell phones and what not in one see through bag before hitting the security check. This will make it easier to get the whole group done in one shot. Removing an over abundance of piercings can also help speed up your check in.

As with any kind of traveling, if you travel during a busy holiday or even on a weekend, you will encounter much longer lines and longer wait times. Try to plan your trip for the middle of the week, or even for odd times of the day when everyone else isn’t going the same way you are. Less crowded airports result in a much quicker run through for you.

After you’ve checked in, boarded and are comfortably on your way, you may still have to do it again when you land, depending where you are flying to. Try to follow the same process you did on the way in. Don’t take anything out of the bags you had it in, so you can smoothly pass back through any security you need to. Be sure you have a car rental or ride awaiting you so you can move quickly out of the airport once landing.

Following these tips can insure you the fastest airport pass through you can expect, and hopefully make your trip more enjoyable.


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