Travel Tips: Tips to Stay Safe during Business Travel

Road travelers can do a few things to ensure they will have a safe travel with no hassles to deal with when you arrive. First of all, if you are renting a vehicle, take the time to make sure it is in good working condition before you drive away. To be extra cautious you can take pictures of any dings or interior problems so you won’t be accused of being responsible for them later on.

Take well-traveled roads and make sure you have a map…whether paper or GPS. Do not take unfamiliar short cuts or unmarked, back roads if you are alone. If you need to reference your map, try not to do it in plain sight as others will immediately know you are not local and possibly lost.

Always lock your doors, and be sure to leave any important items or valuables in the trunk so they are out of sight. Those looking to steal are a lot less likely to take the time to break into a car that looks completely empty.

If you need to take a break from driving and don’t have time to stop overnight, make sure you go to a well-lit rest area or in front of a busy store before you take a nap. Always lock your doors if you are resting in the car.

Air travelers can follow some safety tips as well. Be sure to only check items that you can bear to lose, just in case. Don’t send something you can’t live without or replace into the baggage handlers trust, as problems do occur and you may not get those items back. Keep a list of what you have checked in case you need to replace anything. Be sure you only hand your bags off to an authorized person. Make sure you keep your eyes on your carry-on items and don’t trust the nice person next to you to watch them for you until you return. Also don’t leave your items alone while waiting in the airport or hotel lobby.

While you are at your hotel, request an upper room, as ground floor rooms are more often broken into. Make use of your hotel room safe for valuable items. Keep your door locked and make sure to use the peephole to check on visitors. If you are unsure if someone is hotel personnel you can always check with the front desk before opening the door.

Make sure you have a floor plan map on your hotel door or in your room. If not, take the time to check where the nearest exits are to your room in case of emergency.

Businesses can protect their employees several ways as well. Be sure travel insurance policies are up to date, and that employees have access to contact numbers that may be needed in emergency. Try not to send an entire group of extremely important employees together at the same time, in case of delays or other emergencies.

Make sure sufficient security is on all laptops and tablets so that none of your important information can be stolen or otherwise messed with.

Be sure your employees have access to a travel assistance provider to help with cash advances for emergency situations, or to find lost items.

Your health plan may not include travelers who are outside of the country. You can make a short-term package available to them for when they are traveling globally.

Follow these tips and you can be sure your trip will be hassle free.